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But a question arises, "How To Make A Blog Or Website And How To Earn From It?"
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How To Make A Website And Earn Money In An Easy Way

What I A Blog And A Website?

Remember, "All Bikes Are Vehicles But All Vehicles Are Not Bikes"
Similarly, "All Websites Are Blog But All Blogs Are Not Websites" 

A blog is:

A blog is a  type of website where you can share your knowledge about any particular topic to your audience on Internet. The posts of a blog are presented in reverse chronological order(newer to older). Blogs are usually run by an individual or by small groups. They are updated on daily or weekly basis.

While A Website is:

A website can be anything. Anything on the Internet presented in HTML, JAVA, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, PHP, etc.  i.e. it can be a product selling website, it can be a service providing website, it can be a streaming website, etc. They are not updated like blogs.

What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

The main differences between a Blog and a Website are the following:

  • Unlike Website a Blog can be managed by an individual.
  • Unlike Website a Blog contains comment section where the viewers can express their feelings.
  • Unlike Website a Blog contains Subscribe To Blog Updates option through which one can get regular updated about new posts
  • Unlike Website a Blog is managed in reverse chronological order(newer to older posts)
  • Unlike Website article a Blog article is organised in Categories.

How To Make A Website/Blog

For making a blog or website the platforms like WordPress And Blogspot are present. So, lets discuss about them.

  • Blogspot (Which one I Use) - Blogspot is a product of Google. It is a website builder platform which is totally free. It is mainly for the beginners who wants to try blogging without any investment. If you are using Blogspot then you don't have pay for hosting for your blog. The hosting it provides is too strong and can control a huge traffic. You have pay for Custom Domain Name and if you don't want to invest then you can continue with the subdomain you get i.e.
  • Wordpress - Wordpress is a website builder platform which is both free or paid. It is a professional website builder platform. You have to pay for the hosting as well as for the domain otherwise if you will use WordPress for free you will get a subdomain like, etc. But if you want everything professional then this is the best choice for you. You can use many third party plugins in WordPress.
Paid WordPress
Free WordPress

What Is The Difference Between Blogspot And WordPress?

The difference between Blogspot And WordPress are as follows:
How To Make A Blog/Website And Earn In An Easy Way

How To Make Money From Blog/Website

There are mainly four ways to earn money through a blog/website:

1. Adsense - It shows advertisement on your website and gave you money for per click on ads in your website. It is the best platform to earn money through a website. 

2. Affiliate Marketing - It is the best way to earn money by promoting some product of E-Commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal. For this, you have to join affiliate program of e-commerce sites and enter the URL of the product and you will get an affiliate link when you will promote it and anyone buy from it you will get some of its commission.

3. Sponsorships - As we get sponsorships for our business. Same in this when you have a quality website you will get sponsorships and you have to promote the product in your article and you will get an amount.

4. Paid Reviews - This is a way by which you have to write a review on some product and you will get amount by the company which give you the product but you have to get a decent traffic daily.


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