How To Send Apps And Games By WhatsApp

Hey guys if you want to know how to send apps and games by WhatsApp in your Android then you are in a right article. In this article I will give you some steps or trick by which you are able to send apps and games in WhatsApp with your friends this is very best method I also use this for my usage you does not need any third party application for this trick. I hope you will like this trick to send apps and games in Whatsapp.

How To Send Apps And Games By WhatsApp.


Requirements :

File Manager (Inbuilt Of Your Phone)

Steps :

1. Open your default File Manager.

2. Select the app or game which you want to share with your friend.

3. Click on rename option.

4. (You can see that at the last of the the name there is a .apk extension) Remove it and write .txt extention.

5. Again select the app or game at this time click on share option (you can see that there is the option of whatsapp click on it).

6. Select your friend to whom you want to send the app or game. Send to him/her.

7. Tell him/her to download it and go to whatsapp folder in him/her default file manager and go to media and then click on document file, and select the app which is sent by you and tell him/her to rename .txt extention to .apk extention as you do just opposite.

I hope that you are sucessfull to do this if not then go to PlayStore and update WhatsApp as a beta member if you are not able to be a beta tester then search in YouTube. And you must got the update for sending apps and games through Whatsapp.
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