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How To Earn Money By Amazon Affiliate Programme

 Earn Money By Amazon Affiliate Program

Hey, visitors in this article we will know 'how to earn money by affiliate programme of Amazon.' You think that Amazon is an eCommerce site or shopping site so how can we earn money from it. But this is not correct you can earn a lot of money with the help of affiliate marketing. You think that what is affiliate marketing.

Let Me Explain- Every E-Commerce site or shopping site have a programme of affiliate marketing in which you have to be an affiliate member of that site and promote the affiliate link of the product and if anyone buy it through your link within 24 hours then you will get about 15% Commission it depends on which type of product you are promoting.


How To Be A Affiliate Member Of Amazon :

To be member of Amazon you have to follow some steps given by me :

1. You have to go to the official website of Amazon affiliate programme on Amazon Affiliate  and click on Join Now For Free.

 Earn Money By Amazon Affiliate Program

2. Fill all of the given boxes with the correct information :
1. Fill the name which is on your bank's account name in Payee Name.
2. Fill the Address line 1, 2 and 3 with your State, postal code, country name and fill your number.
3. If you are using your parent's or any other's bank account then tick the second option or if you are using your own then tick the first one.
If you are belong from US tick the first if you belong from any other country tick the second one. Click on Next.

 Earn Money By Amazon Affiliate Program

3. Fill the url of your website or url of your app. If you want to promote things in any other way like in facebook page etc. then fill the facebook page url on website url box. Click on Next.

 Earn Money By Amazon Affiliate Program

4. Fill up all the information carefully fill each and every option in this page.

 Earn Money By Amazon Affiliate Program

5. Click on Next and you are done with all the steps to be a affiliate member of amazon.


How To Get The Link Of Any Product :
1. Click on the search box on the dashboard of your amazon affiliate. Search the product which you want to promote. Many product apoears choose which one you want to promote an click on the arrow.

 Earn Money By Amazon Affiliate Program

2. A pop-up dialog bos appear and click on the shorten url option to get the short link of that product.

 Earn Money By Amazon Affiliate Program

3. After clicking on shorten url another pop-up 
dialog box appear and copy the url and promote by how you promote.

 Earn Money By Amazon Affiliate Program

How To Promote Links :

This is the main step in which you have to promote the links of the product which you want to promote so there are many ways to promote the products :
  1. Through any website you have to write and review about the product and give the link below the article.
  2. Through your YouTube channel make a video on that product and give the link on the description.
  3. And if you don't have any YouTube channel or website then create a Facebook page and gives the product review and link on the post.
  4. You can also give the links to your family members to purchase any product from it.
I hope all of the topic of "earning money from affiliate marketing" was cleared and you like this article and also stay tuned with my website for some amazing amazing articles about technology.


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