How To Approve Adsense For Blogger

Hey guys after many times I am very tensed about how to get approval of Google AdSense for blogger website . As you know this is very hard to get approval of Google AdSense for blogger site because we don't have any type of hosting and top level domain at the starting. So if you want to know how to get approval of Google AdSense for blogger website then you are in a right article. This is also a good and working trick for getting approval of Google AdSense as my knowledge to get it. Let's discuss about it.


What Is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a company of advertisement which allows you to show ads on your website or YouTube channel.


How To Get Adsense Approval For Website?

As  you know I am not using wordpress or any other stuff. I am using a free platform blogger. So if you want to get approval for your blogger site then it is a little bit tough but not so. Only you have to follow some steps and tips and do some changes on your site to get approval.
To show ads on your website you also have to eligible for blogger to enable AdSense on your site.
You can read all of the criteria in the links given below click on this---- Criteria For Adsense Eligibility

For Google Adsense Approval there are some tips and trick for you :--

1. You you have to use hosted AdSense account using YouTube to get a fully approved hosted account because as my opinion this is more easier to take approval for a blogger website than take directly approval. You can search in YouTube, how to create AdSense using YouTube. To use a hosted account you have to purchase a top level domain for your website like .com, .in etc. Otherwise this trick does not work without a domain you can purchase it from Godaddy it is very cheap.

2. Your site must have at least 15 to 20 unique posts with more than 200 words. You have to write the article you can't copy and paste article from any other website it may cause is disapproved by Google AdSense.

3. Your site must need these 4 pages Contact Us, About Us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. You can search in YouTube, how to create these pages on a blogger site.

4. You have to use a clean, professional and seo optimized template for your blogger site to make it a professional website. You can download it from google.

5. You can't use images directly downloaded from Google in your article. If you want to use any Google image you can download and edit it by adding your tagline or website name on it.

6. After doing this all stuff you have to go to your hosted AdSense account and click on the menu option and you get a of my ads after clicking on it you can see many options you have to go to Other Products option.

7. You have to type your url and it will give you a code which you have to paste it after the head tag in your website HTML.

8. After pasting it you get an error you have to remove async word at the statring of that code. Click on Save. Wait for two or three days.
And you got the approval.

I hope you all enjoyed this article about how to get approval of google adsense for website. And if you get any type of problem you can comment down below to contact with me by going to the Contact Us page in my website.
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