Top 6 Myths About Mobile Phones And The Truth Behind Them.

Hey, guys welcome back to the brand new article. In this article, we will talk about some top 6 common mobile phone myths that are floating around us and how much of these myths are actually true. So, let's have a look at the myths and rumours. Share this post how many times you can because this is very important to know all the truth behind these common myths about a mobile phone.

1. Cell Phones Are The Main Cause Of Brain Cancer

Truth: Cell Phones do not cause any type of brain cancer. Over the year of 1990s and 2000s, there has been a series of independent studies which have found no evidence or proof that any use of cell phones causes brain cancer or any other problem.

However, there are certain precautions you can take for the radiations are-

Answer any phone call from the left side of your face.

Use hands-free devices as much as you can.

Don't hold your phone on your head or on the heart for more than 30 minutes.

2. The Phone Might Explode If You Used While Charging

Truth: Everything is well if you are using your original charger or not any third party charger for your mobile charging. 

If you are using any third party dubious charger then there is a chance for an explosion of your mobile phone so don't use any third party charger only use the charger which is given with the mobile phone.

3. More Megapixels Means Better Camera

Truth: If you thought that more megapixels mean better camera then this is a very big myth.

It is not determined that more megapixel means better camera megapixel determine the digital photo size and not the quality of the picture. If you need a quality picture with your phone it depends on the camera sensor size and types its processor and optics.

So, ask for a better and bigger Camera sensor in your mobile for quality pictures.
4. Your Battery Percentage Can Increase Using Battery Savers

Truth: Your battery percentage can increase using battery saver this is a very good option but it does not work.
You think that your battery life can increase using battery saver but on the other hand if you use any type of battery saver on your device then it may drain your battery.

So, don't use any type of battery savers on your device.

5. Closing All Apps Will Make Your Phone Faster

Truth: The basic premise of this myth is that an app requires some portion of your RAM to run but by closing the apps you are freeing up your RAM. But again we forgot that we are now in the age of Smartphones and that they have an inbuilt feature to freeze the app once you exit,  so there is no need to close the apps and you can still multitask with the app open.

6. Excessive Charge Kill The Battery

Truth: There is a reason today's cell phones are called smartphone. They are in a smart to cut off the power supply to the battery once it completely charged. The modern type of batteries has an inbuilt charge mechanism which has a finite number of cycles available for long life. But it is always recommended to charge your battery in between 40 to 80% for optimised utilisation and long life of your battery.


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