Chrome gives us a lot of option for extension among these I selected some of the best extensions for bloggers which help them to do some research, some SEO, and many other.

Extensions are something added to something to enlarge functions, facilities, abilities etc. 

Blogging is hard.

To make it easy I am helping you with a list of useful extension.
And If you want to grow as a blogger then use the extensions advised by me.

 As we know that Chrome is the biggest and useful browser among tech lovers.
So, today we are talking about 7 best and must Chrome Extension for every bloggers. 

So, let's begin with our list of best  Chrome Extensions.

Best Chrome Extension List For Bloggers

7.  AdBlock

7 Must Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger

This extension helps us to block ads in your Chrome Browser. You can focus on your work without annoyed with ads and also use this to block ads from your website that helps you to not click on your own blog ads which control your Adsense CTR. And your Adsense account will safe. This is also very popular in Chrome and Safari.

7 Must Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger

Think if you are writing an article for your blog or website and need to add relevant URL but sometimes URL's are long this extension Google URL Shortener helps you to short your URL. You can minimize long URL in type format and to give a minimal look to your article.

7 Must Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger

Bloggers work very hard to create a useful article for visitors. But some word mistakes were occurred to remove word mistakes you should use this extension. This extension corrects the words or grammar mistakes. This is very highly recommended extension for many bloggers.

7 Must Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger

This extension gives the data about the SEO of your blog or website. By which you know what are the plus point and minus point about your blog. And you can correct them. This is also very useful for beginner bloggers.

7 Must Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger

This is a free extension that provides you key SEO metrics, along with other useful tools such as SEO audit and others. It reviews major all the major metrics of your website and gives many information such as Moz rank, Alexa rank etc.

7 Must Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger

Every blogger use Screen Capture extension to capture the whole screen or any part of it and edit it in order to add some imagery effectiveness to your article. This is very useful for blogger.

7 Must Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger

When you find an article that you don’t have time to read, you can simply click the Save to Pocket extension icon and it will be synced to your account and accessible from any of your devices.
You’ll need a Pocket account to use it, but it’s free to sign up. It also adds a handy right-click option that lets you save any page to Pocket.

Here We are complete with our list.
And this list is not according to their use.

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