My last article was for bloggers but this article is only for youtubers. As we all know to be a blogger or youtuber we have to face many types of problems. To solve those problems I am here. So in today's article we shall know about an extension for a youtuber. The name of that extension is TubeBuddy.

Best Extension for Youtuber

What Is TubeBuddy? 

Tubebuddy is a extension supported in Chrome , Mozilla and Safari Browser. This is very useful and important extension for each an every youtubers. Now days new youtubers are facing many problems with SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). This extension will be very useful for SEO because it gives a lot of secret information of our competitors in YouTube. It shows tags, the estimated earning, video ranking, and many other information about any youtube channel or video. It makes your work easier in less time.

Is It Good Or Bad?

I was a youtuber before I starting my website. When I was a youtuber I faced lot of problem with SEO. Then I started to use this extension TubeBuddy. It helped me a lot to do keyword researching and to rank my videos on the first page. So, if you want my opinion then this is the best extension for a beginner and intermediate youtuber. And this extension is also certified from YouTube.

Is It Free Or Paid?

 As we all know a beginner youtuber does not have much money to spend on these kind of extension for their improvement. So, they can't spend money. Fortunately, this is free.
So everyone can afford this.

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