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How To Get A Custom Domain Name | Free

To make a career in blogging is pretty easy. But nowadays if you want to rank your website or articles in Google or any other search engines then you should have a custom domain name otherwise it is tough to rank. And the price of a domain name is too high. So, many people can't afford it and they leave blogging. But after reading this article you won't leave blogging and get a custom domain in free. In this article, you will learn that how to get a custom domain name for free. 
So, Let's Start....

How To Get A Custm Domain Name | Free

How To Get A Custom Domain Name 

Step 1: Go to a website dot.tk
How To Get A Custom Domain Name | Free

Step 2: Type the domain name which you want i.e. sampletech360z and click on check availability. 
How To Get A Custom Domain Name | Free

Step 3: Many domain names will show which are available and free like .tk, .ml, .gl etc. There are also some paid domain names available like .com, .in etc.  But I will suggest you take .tk for free. Click on Get It Now! 
How To Get A Custom Domain Name | Free

Step 4: Checkout it and setup it to your website. 

(If you don't know to setup and checkout then see these videos. For Blogger Users, For Wordpress User)

This is the best way to get a custom domain name for your blog or website for free. You can set up this domain for blogger site and also with your dedicated hosting. And domain which you got is only for a year after 1 years you have to renew it. 
This type of domain will also help you to do event blogging you can also get free hosting if you want to know how to get a free hosting and comment me down I will write about it. 

Hope you like if you did then stay tuned. 


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