The most asked question from a blogger is “What Is Event Blogging And How Can We Earn Money From It?

Nowadays, many of the bloggers are still trying to understand the whole concept of event blogging but many of them don't get any success and get demotivated from event blogging.

In fact, we can say that event blogs are money making machines. They can generate more than a job.

If you know little about "ON Page SEO" and "OFF Page SEO" then you can earn a lot of money from that very event blog.

What Is Event Blogging?

"Event Blogging" is a type of blogging through which one can get knowledge about an event.

Event  Blogging

Split the word event blogging to know it better, event means any festival, occasion, party, etc. and blogging means spreading your knowledge about any particular topic through articles.

 In event blogs topics are mainly related to the very event which is going to live in the next 2-3 months i.e. Someone is making an event bog on Ramadan and to make his/her blog a proper event blog he/she has to cover topics like Ramadan Wishes, Ramadan Quotes, Whatsapp Status On Ramadan, Ramadan Greetings, etc.

Steps To Create An Event Blog:

At first, you have to select your niche.
  • Purchasing Stuffs
          - Domain And Hosting
  • Working Strategy
          -  Website Setup
          -  Content Strategy
          -  SEO Strategy
          -  Sharing Strategy

If you don't want to invest in your blog then don't use Wordpress use Blogger. Own .tk domain and setup your blog.

You should start your blog before 2-3 months of the event. It's advantage is that there are some chances to get the approval of Google Adsense which would be good for you. Don't worry, if you don't get the approval of Google Adsense there are also many other platforms like Chitika, Media.Net, Infolinks, etc. to use.

The last thing which you have to do is to share your event blog as much as you can because Social Traffic is also necessary. And the best platform to share your blog is WhatsApp. WhatsApp can make your content viral overnight. All you have to do is to join groups in WhatsApp from the group links available on Internet and share your content on those groups that's all.


This the best and cheapest method to earn money from blogging if you have any idea about ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO then create your event blog today and give your 100% on it. So, select your event, create your blog and earn more and more.