Nowadays PUBG has became very common among the generation. Think if you can play PUBG and can earn some money from it. What a great deal isn't it?

So, here I am with some great ideas through which you can play PUBG and can earn sufficient money to stay motivated.

There is no direct method of earning money from playing PUBG still we have some options for you.

 Let's begin the article about "How To Earn Money From Playing PUBG"

How To Earn Money From Playing PUBG | Play Earn And Enjoy

1. Live Streaming

One of the option which people choose the most for earning money from games is Live Streaming on Twitch. The first thing you need is a good audience base. A good audience base can give you a lot of money which you can't imagine.

The second and important thing is consistent Live Streaming. Only this will help you to gain your audience base.

You will get a lot of money from Twitch as well as from the donations. But still if you don't want to streaming move to the next one. One of the famous Twitch stremer is Ninja.

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2. Gaming Competition

If you are not comfortable with doing Live Streaming then you use this method to earn. All you have to do is to play PUBG consistently and have to make yourself the Expert. But now, you will think that how we can earn money from this being an expert.

You will earn money from the competitions that the company launches for their users. Like, Oppo had recently partnershiped with PUBG and organised a competition for their users.

Always wait for the competitions and do not miss them.

3. Selling Of Crates

If you don't like both of the options then this is the last option and hope you will use this.

When you play PUBG, you can acquire fight focuses.

You get more to slaughter players and putting higher, yet you'll generally get a few for each diversion.

These focuses can be utilized to purchase corrective cases.

When you purchase these cases, you can either open them for an opportunity to get an uncommon corrective thing, or you can offer them on sites like OPSkins to earn profit

When new crates come out, they sell for $2-5 for the first two weeks, so if you save up your battle points for each new crate release, you could bring in a nice amount of cash each month.

4. Donations

So, If you are the one who is streaming his game online in the platform like YouTube or Twitch and if you have build your audience base.
You will get a huge amount of donations from your audience watching your Live Stream.
It is also a better way for earning. But you should have your audience base and should have interest on streaming.
Gamers like CarryMinati, Dynamo, Ninja, etc earn a lot of money from donations.


So, hope you liked the article about "How To Earn Money From Playing PUBG" and will really try to follow these tricks for earning money from your passion.

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