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Hello visitors this Rahul Roy first of all welcome to Tech360z.com. I had created this blog as my passion. I had no idea that we can earn money through any website or YouTube channel. After sometime when I got much knowledge about blogging then I try to approve my Adsense but I failed on it. After many attempt I got the approval then I started to be a Pro Blogger. So, if you want to get knowledge about tech then you can check this I would thankful to you.

About Tech 360z's CEO/Founder

This is Rahul From Tech360z.com. I am a 15 year old Digital Marketer & Blogger.

Rahul Roy CEO

I was a normal boy before 5 years but a gadget lover. I used to buy many phones and use them for a while. This helped me a lot to be a techy boy. Then I thought that I have to do something in this field and I did and got much success. I used to post some important news, tips and tricks, how to, and many more.


  • Web Developing
  • Graphic Editing
    • Logo Design
    • Blogging 
    • Youtubing
    • Affiliate Marketing

      I just started this blog to just share something related to tech and me. Thanks for visiting this blog.

      Also Visit My Portfolio If you have any problem related to blogger then contact me through this link Contact Me

      Stay Tuned With Us.

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